Spring Delivery Menu 2022

We offer you an unique choice of delicious meals.  Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or just for yourself, Catering4u looks forward to bringing you A Food Adventure straight to your door!

CHICKEN €25 for 4 people

1. Chicken and asparagus in a creamy tarragon sauce

2. Chicken and vegetable teriyaki skewers

3. Coconut and turmeric baked chicken thighs

4. BBQ turkey meatloaf with a tomato and cannellini bean sauce

5. Persian pomegranate chicken


MEAT €25–€30 for 4 people

1. Chinese braised pork with spring greens and spring garlic €25

2. Swedish meatballs in a dill sauce €25

3. Beef rendang €30

4. Beef birria burritos €30

LAMB €40 for 4 people

1. Boneless leg of lamb with herbs and lemon vegetables

2. Greek roast lamb with anchovies, olives and tomatoes

3. Ukranian shashlik lamb with a beetroot and dill sauce and homemade flatbreads

4. Lamb and apricot meatballs in a spice tomato sauce

DESSERTS €20 for 4 people

1. Coffee and walnut cake

2. Strawberry and pistacchio mousse

3. Fresh berry cheesecake

4. Pear tarte tatin

5. Bakewell tart

6. Melon, lime and mint pavlova

FISH and SEAFOOD €30 for 4 people

1. Baked seabass with ginger chilli and spring onion

2. Honey sesame prawns with stir fried vegetables

3. Spring fish pie

4. Marinated salmon tartare and rice poke bowl

5. Swordfish and green bean Thai red curry

VEGETARIAN €25 for 4 people

1. Spring vegetable casserole with herb dumplings

2. Jackfruit and mushroom burritos

3. Miso ramen with soba noodles

4. Vegan pea and broad bean shakshuka

5. Herby persian frittata with lemon tahini sauce


SALADS €8 – €16 for 4 people

1. Spring green salad with parsley and blue cheese €16

2. Sweet potato, feta and spring onion salad €16

3. Japanese rice/Gohan €12

4. New potatoes with fresh mint €8

5. Roasted new potatoes with chives €8

6. Roasted aubergines with spicy chickpeas and walnut sauce €12

7. Steamed spring vegetables with mint €8

8. Herby quinoa, feta and pomegranate salad €16

9. Spring salad with balsamic strawberries €8

10. Marinated melon poke bowl €16

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