Delivery Menu

We offer you an unique choice of delicious meals.  Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or just for you, Catering4u looks forward to bringing you A Food Adventure straight to your door!

CLASSICS €25 for 4 people

1. Cottage pie

2. Lasagna

3. Chicken and leek pie with mashed potato top

4. Beef and Guinness pie with puff pastry lid

5. Fish pie 

CHICKEN €25 for 4 people

1. Chicken and chorizo ragú

2. Chicken and bean enchiladas 

3. Honey and soy chicken with sesame broccoli

4. Piri piri chicken sweet potato and pepper bake

5. Old style Delhi butter chicken

VEGETARIAN €25 for 4 people

1. Vegetarian fajitas 

2. Mushroom stroganoff

3. Satay sweet potato curry

4. Sweet potato and bean burger with a ginger and onion relish

5. Roasted squash and feta with flatbread and a beetroot chilli jam

SIDE DISHES €8 for 4 people

1. Tagliatelle, spaghetti 

2. Egg fried rice

3. Rice noodles 

4. Basmati rice

5. Roasted vegetables 

6. Mash potatoes 

7. Paprika roasted potatoes 

8. Roasted rosemary new potatoes 

9. Steamed vegetables 

10. Potatoes au gratin 

11. Sautéed bacon and cabbage 

12. Roasted root vegetables 

13. Cheesy cauliflower and broccoli 

DESSERTS €20 for 4 people

1. Peanut butter cheesecake 

2. Chocolate raspberry pavlova 

3. Pear tarts tatin

4. Chocolate Orange torte

5. Apple and blackberry crumble

6. Lemon curd roulade

7. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

BEEF €30 for 4 people

1. Beef bourguignon

2. Birria beef tacos with jalapeño and avocado salsa

3. Beef and ale stew with bacon dumplings

4. Chinese beef and aubergine hot pot

5. Turkish style meatballs with tahini yogurt sauce

PORK €25 for 4 people

1. Normandy pork with apples and cider

2. Thai pork and peanut curry

3. Pork cassoulet 


All dishes can be adapted to all dietary requirements.

FISH €30 for 4 people

1. Vietnamese fish cakes with sweet chili sauce 

2. Bacon and cod fish cakes with an oat crust

3. Seabass with lime and caper butter

4. Honey and soya salmon with a spring onion garnish 

5. Fish parcels with a romenscu sauce and cauliflower 

SALADS €12 for 4 people

1. Peanut broccoli salad

2. Lentil salad and tahini dressing 

3. Roasted squash and feta with yogurt dressing 

4. Cumin roasted carrot salad 

5. Asparagus and quinoa salad

6. Feta beetroot and pomegranate salad

7. Avocado, black bean and mango salad

SOUPS €16 for 4 people

1. Roasted tomato and basil soup 

2. Minestrone 

3. Broccoli and blue cheese soup

4. Curried squash soup

5. Lentil soup

6. Leek and potato soup

For Parties, Picnics, Brunches and Retreats please see our Catering page.